Monday, September 27, 2010

Entry #4

For this entry I was lucky enough to get the chance to get away from the lovely FGCU dorms one weekend and spend some time at "home-home." I am originally from the east coast of Florida; Merritt Island.
1. My house here is about 10 years old.
2. Wood, brick, cement, glass for windows
3. As much as I hate to say it, I don't think our house is that environmentally friendly. For example, there are many light switches in our kitchen where if you turn one light on, you turn them ALL on. You can dim them, but I still think it's silly to have 9 overhead lights when really you just need one. I don't think our house is that environmentally friendly, however, I think it's the people inside it that make it work :)
Property Size (sq ft)

Creepy what you can find online. As of now, only my mom and dad live there. I live there when I come home for holidays and summer.

My house at Christmas! Don't worry though, we only keep our lights on a couple hours a night, not the whole night :)

5. I used to work in the mall which was only a couple miles from my house (approximately 6 miles). My elementary, middle, and high school were all within a 10 mile radius of my house. The closest gas station was around 5 miles away and also the closest grocery store was about 5 miles away also.
6. My house is neatly landscaped. The community we live in actually has requirements for each household. All the same elegant mailboxes, palm trees have to be a certain height, and the "keep your lawn nice--or get out" policy. My parents put down mulch accordingly and I feel like they are constantly doing yardwork. We don't have a fence but we have a hedge that goes around our whole backyard.
7. Should have looked at this question. Like I said I feel like they are constantly maintaining our yard. We have a "rider" mower that allows my parents to save time cutting the grass (and their backs).
8. We have a somewhat small pool but we do always keep up with the chemicals because we do use it often. We use chlorine and muriatic acid.
9. This got a little messy while thinking of everything so I planned accordingly:
Auto Products- Brake Fluid, Lubricant, "Emergency" gas
Inside the House- Air freshener, Disinfectants, Wax
Pesticides- Animal Repellent
Landscape- Fertilizer
Personal Care- Eye makeup remover, soap, etc.
Home Maintenance- Paint, Plastic
Arts/Crafts- Adhesive, Dye
Pet Care- Tick and Flea Control
Home Office- Ink, White Out
Mostly just stored around the house or garage. Mostly in containers that they were sold in.
10. My dog Chance. We have birds outside and occasionally squirrels. We've had one gator incident in my past 10 years of living in the neighborhood when a gator went roaming around in yards/pools. Fire ants outside, and other pets that neighbors have; dogs or cats mostly.
11. My home would be an unnatural environment because it's man made and had to be built. The land there was once all orange groves, and now it stands as a neighborhood/community. The way we think is what constitutes natural vs. unnatural. Morals of the human nature. Although there were once orange groves, the population is constantly increasing and we need somewhere to build these houses and communities for people to live in.
12. I think I am "of nature" because like anything else, I was born and live just like the way nature does. I eat, sleep, and depend on other things to survive.

I don't necesarily think my home was built in the means to be enviromentally friendly. However, I think the people that live within a home can also determine or improve those statistics. I know in the winter, we turn the AC off and leave doors/windows open to get our air and try to conserve energy. We also always turn the lights off if we're not home or not using them and try to take short and minimal showers. In other words, we try to be considerate and aware of our surroundings.

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