Monday, November 8, 2010

Entry #10

Dr. Snapp's Colloquium Class

From a personal standpoint, I tried to make the most out of this Colloquium class. I had to let myself experience things; whether I liked them or not. I don't think I would've done half the things I did in this class if it weren't for this Colloquium class. It was that extra little push of you need to do this because
it's a class you're taking and you need a good grade. However, I did find myself enjoying the field trips, class discussions, and exercises we did in class.

Academically, we all need to take this class to graduate from FGCU. I don't know how it would differ as in student enrollment to the course if it weren't necessary. That would definately be interesting to find out. I may not have taken this course if it wasn't actually required but I'm glad I did.

One of the most interesting discussions I remember from this course was actually relating to my field; Communications. I never thought the two would actually relate. However, with everything "going green" now a days, I can honestly say I am more knowledgable of my surrounding that can possibly lead to a better future in my field. I can now give insight to companies, in the Communications field, on how to take the correct steps. Whether it's conserving paper or recycling and reusing resources, it can lead to success as a business in general. I would be a good addition to any business looking to save money or other alternatives to what they are doing currently. In some of the Communication field, some of the top donors to businesses are looking for companies that are trying to be environmentally friendly as well.

 As we all said throughout the whole course, I love how this class is very hands on and how we get to go places and do things ourselves instead of read from the text all day. Like I said earlier, since everyone has to take this class, it is tempting to get notes/quizzes/papers/etc. from prior students. It makes it easier but in the long run doesn't pay off. Colloquium is a busy class and there is a lot of work, but it's nothing as college students we can't handle. It's been enjoyable and wish everyone the best of luck in the future! GO EAGLES!

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